Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies

Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on How to Stock your Fridge and Freezer and Pantry! In Part 1, I shared with you some guidelines on what to buy at the Grocery Store and some Storage and Freezer Tips for Perishables. (If you missed it you can check it out Here.) Today, I’ll show you how to make Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies in minutes using the ingredients you already have at home.

If you’ve been stuck at home for more than a few days, you could find yourself staring at a half empty fridge! Fresh Fruit and Veggies are the first things I run out of, and in the past I’ve found myself in and out of the grocery store 2-3 times a week which is not good for time or the grocery budget.

Or, do you ever find wilted veggies at the bottom of the fridge? I’ve been guilty of letting a few things go bad either because I’m missing an ingredient for a recipe, or in between grocery trips.

For a while, now I’ve been buying fresh produce and freezing a portion, so I always have a backup in the freezer and instead of making a Juice, I’ll make a Smoothie instead. Or sometimes I’ll juice the fresh veggies I have, then blend in some frozen greens, berries or avocado.

Dark Leafy Greens like Spinach, Kale and Fresh Herbs wilt quickly, even in the fridge. If you buy them at the grocery store, they have usually been sitting in storage for weeks and once you buy them they only stay fresh for a few days. You could buy frozen veggies, but they have been blanched before flash freezing and have lost a lot of their nutrients.

I’ve been freezing a portion of my greens after I buy them simply by putting them in glass containers or freezer bags – no blanching required! I love freezing just about anything.

Fruits like Avocados, Bananas, and Berries can be frozen exactly the same way – just make sure to slice large fruits before freezing so that they are easier to blend.

Eating a diet rich in plants and high quality nutrition is one of the best ways to boost your Immune System. By drinking just one smoothie or juice every day, you can get up to 5 portions of your RDA, and most of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Here are my Top must have veggies that I buy every week, and a few quick tips on how to store them:

Leafy Greens

Kale, Spinach and Herbs like Parsley and Mint are all packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients and Antioxidants and I always add greens to my juices and smoothies. If they haven’t been pre-washed (like the ones you buy in a plastic bag), wash them when you get home, dry in a salad spinner and freeze what you don’t think you will use before it’s expiry date.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, Limes and Oranges are all Antioxidant, Anticancer and Anti-Inflammatory. They last a few weeks in the fridge and sometimes I peel and freeze the segments to use in smoothies or citrus water.


Berries are full of Antioxidants and other powerful Essential Nutrients. If you go to the grocery store at the right time you can buy a huge bag of berries which usually have to be eaten that day. Just wash and freeze them ready to use in a smoothie or for a snack.

Berries from the local farm last a little longer but freeze what you won’t use to retain the maximum nutrients.


Apples contain the soluble fibre pectin which plays an important role in digestive health.

They are my absolute favourite base for juicing and they also work great in smoothies. I like to use apples like gala or golden delicious because they are a little sweeter than other kinds like Granny Smith. Juice them with any greens, along with a citrus fruit for a delicious juice every single time. You can also add apples to your smoothies – just core and chop them beforehand.


Add a banana to any smoothie and it’s guaranteed delicious.


Download more Grocery Prep Tips Here, so you can make nutritious drinks any day of the week.

Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies


Blending is so flexible and you can substitute ingredients for whatever you have in your freezer. You can add extra sweetness, reduce sweetness, add protein, adjust thickness and consistency to suit your own taste buds. And the clean up is easy.

To help you make some of your own Superfood Smoothies get my free recipe book below. I’ve created these recipes using ingredients that have powerful Immune Boosting Benefits.

Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies

I hope this has given you some inspiration to make your own Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies any day of the week!

If you found this post helpful, please share it with your family and friends. Together we can Support our Health, One Juice (or Smoothie!) at a Time.

Now I want to hear from you! What’s your favourite veggies for Juicing and Blending? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Wishing you Health and Love,

Heather 💚

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Superfood Immune Boosting Smoothies