Kid Friendly Juice Recipes

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Struggling to get your Kids to eat their Veggies? 😭🌱Does the sight of Dark Leafy Greens make them out into a cold sweat?! πŸ˜°

Most of the juices and soda marketed at Kids are loaded with Refined Sugars and Caffeine or the ‘Pure’ Juices are made from Concentrated Syrup heated at high temperatures. Checkout my post on Store Bought β€˜Apple Juice’ Here.

Imagine how much better our Kids would feel with more Raw Live Nutrition going into their bodies each day. Our Kids are growing up in an Obesity and Lifestyle Disease Epidemic and they are constantly bombarded with Junk Food Advertising everywhere they go.

Packed and Processed food and drinks are cheap, easy to get and cleverly designed to make our Kids want more of them.

Fresh Veggie Juices are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, have an alkalizing effect on the body and nourish every cell from the inside out.

By adding more raw nutrition into their diets our Kids can live Happy, Healthy and Full of Energy.

The problem with most Veggie Juices is that they don’t have the sweet desert-like taste that our Kids are often used to. Dark Leafy Greens in particular have a bitter taste and some Veggies don’t look very appealing to kids!

I’m on a mission to make Kid Approved Low (Natural) Sugar recipes that taste good and they will actually drink! All of my new recipes have been taste tested and kid approved by one of the fussiest eaters! Feel free to adjust ingredients to suit your kiddies taste buds. If they are trying Veggie Juice for the first time start with 1/2 cup or dilute the juice with filtered water.

Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been doing so far….make sure to get the Recipe download at the bottom for the full recipes! ⬇️

Minty Tropical Sunshine

Minty Tropical Sunshine. Kid Friendly Juice Recipes

Strawberry Banana Bliss

Lemon Blueberry Shake

Kids Veggie Supreme

Raspberry Lemon-aide

Here’s another cool idea to sneak some extra nutrition into their diet. πŸ•΅ Make these healthy juices and smoothies and use them to make Ice Popsicles! You will have Nutritious Frozen Treats right on hand and they will never know the difference!

Download the Kid Friendly Juice Recipes Now

Let me know if your kiddies like them! πŸ‘§ πŸ‘¦

Have an amazing day!


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Kid Friendly Juice Recipes
Kid Friendly Juice Recipes
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