Will Juicing Help with Weight Loss?

Will Juicing Help with Weight Loss?

Weight Loss is a natural side effect of Juicing. Whether you are on a Juice Fast (when you drink only Juice) or if you are Juicing daily (and replacing a meal with a Juice) you can expect to Lose Weight as one of the many health benefits of Juicing.

So how does Juicing help with Weight Loss?

Juicing is the process of extracting the Nutrients from the fibre of fruits and vegetables, making them highly bioavailable to the cells in the body. When you drink freshly extracted Juice you are feeding and nourishing the body with the nutrients it’s lacking.

By eating too much processed junk food, the Body is essentially forced into an Artificial Famine. When it doesn’t get the Nutrients it needs to perform it’s bodily functions, it stores the excess weight to help it survive the perceived ‘Famine’. By Juicing you are directly feeding the cells the Nutrients they need, and once the body is nourished it no longer needs to store the Excess Weight.

Another way that Juicing helps with Weight Loss is that a glass of Juice is naturally low in calories (and high in nutrition). If you replace a meal with a glass of fresh Juice you are naturally reducing your calorie intake (unless you’re eating other high calorie junk foods!)

Now I want to hear from you! Have you used Juicing to Lose Weight? Share your results with me in the comments below.

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